The dull peals of defeat

“Thirty seconds,” someone shouted urgently, amidst the scuffle of groundsheets against the parade square, the slap of ziplock bags being thrown into field-packs, the screech of zips and velcro secured hastily, and the silent sibilance of field-packs being dragged into position.   Twenty seconds later, another voice started counting down from twenty. The obnoxious countdown … More The dull peals of defeat

Guard Duty

Under the stingy glow of moonlight, my buddy and I pulled on our socks, wore our boots, hooked our garters, and tucked in our pants. We moved sluggishly. Against the not-quite silent hum of the forest – the chorus of chirps from unknown insects – the scream of velcro as we pulled open our integrated … More Guard Duty

Because I can

Following a bus tour of the SAFTI MI grounds where officer cadets are trained, one of my BMT instructors (an officer himself) asked if we saw any cadets waving to us during the tour. He leaned forward, jabbed a finger at us, and smiled wryly. “When I was a cadet, I used to wave at … More Because I can

“Once in our lives, two years of our time”

A life where cleaning a 4kg chunk of metal takes precedence over cleaning yourself, where travelling to any destination involves swinging your hands and legs in sync with 50 other people, where drinking water from your bottle must be preceded by a fiery recital of the SAF core values, couldn’t be more different from the … More “Once in our lives, two years of our time”